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iforest International School Japan students play by the river.


Nature Adventure 2023

An unforgettable summer experience for kids ages 4-7.

Embrace the great outdoors, overcome exciting challenges, and delight in exploring volcanic fields, waterfalls, bird watching, campfire cooking, and Japanese culture – a magical journey they'll cherish forever!

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Nature Adventure 2023

An Unforgettable Summer Experience for Kids Ages 4-7.

Embrace the Great Outdoors, Overcome Exciting Challenges, and Delight in Exploring Volcanic Fields, Waterfalls, Bird Watching, Campfire Cooking, and Japanese Culture – A Magical Journey They'll Cherish Forever!

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A Summer Adventure

Every day we will experience what nature has to offer in different environments. The locations include volcanic fields, waterfalls, bird watching, cooking over a campfire, and Japanese culture.

Ages 4 - 7 Years Old
*3-year-olds may be considered on a case-by-case basis

Week 1: Jul 24 - 28 (Quickly filling up!)
Week 2: Jul 31 - Aug 4 (3 seats left)
Week 3: Aug 7 - 11 (Only a few seat left)
Week 4: Aug 14 - 18 (Quickly filling up!)

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Fall Adventure 2023

Join us for a playful and educational adventure in the vibrant fall colors!

4 - 7-year-olds can explore and learn about nature during our Fall Nature Adventure this October. We'll hike through forests, collect leaves, and learn forest skills. They will develop a love of nature and a sense of responsibility for protecting it.

This event is perfect for kids who love to be outdoors and learn about nature.

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Rising Field in Karuizawa, Japan

Camp Diaries: A Deep Dive into Our Nature Adventure Camp

Our TCG Camp Diaries are a window into the magic of our Karuizawa Nature Adventure Camp. Come along and see for yourself how children can lead their own learning journey, nurtured by nature and guided by our dedicated team.

Teaching Fire Safety and Skills to Young Children

May 31, 2023
Posted by: Kai

While preparing for and lighting their campfire at Rising Field in Karuizawa, children learn about fire safety and ignite curiosity, teamwork, and respect for nature.

During TCG Summer Karuizawa Nature Adventure at Rising Field Karuizawa, a student eagerly tries using flint to make sparks for the campfire. With focused determination, she strikes the flint, aiming to ignite the fire.

Setting the Stage: A Day in the Life at TCG Summer Camp

May 20, 2023
Posted by: Kai

At TCG Karuizawa Nature Adventure, children are not just participants but leaders in their learning journey. We nurture curiosity, encourage teamwork, and cultivate an appreciation for nature.

Friends playfully gather on one corner of the camp tarp, having a great time together. Laughter and smiles abound as they engage in fun activities, enjoying each other's company. Their playful energy brings a lively and joyful atmosphere to the campsite, creating lasting memories of friendship and adventure.
iforest International School Japan students walk down a slope.


Camp Dates

Week 1: July 24 - 28, 2023
Week 2: July 31 - August 4, 2023
Week 3: August 7 - 11, 2023
Week 4: August 14 - 18, 2023

  • Ages

    4 to 7 Years Old

    *3-year-olds may be considered on a case-by-case basis

  • Camp Time

    9:00am - 3:00pm

  • Location

    Rising Field Karuizawa

  • Fee

    ¥154,000 per week

iforest International School Japan students hiking.

Daily Schedule

8:45 am -9:00 pm: Meet at Karuizawa Station in the morning.

Once everyone is ready we will drive to the Nature Adventure destination for the day.

When we arrive we will get ourselves ready for the day, dressing for the weather, bathroom, etc.

Every destination brings its own uniqueness, exploration, and adventure. Every child brings their own experience and imagination to explore.

We will find our lunch spot for the day and a healthy lunch will be served.

Enjoy more play and exploration before heading back to Karuizawa Station

3:00pm: End of the fantastic day!

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Our 2023 Team!

Portrait of Tokyo Children's Garden Summer 2023: Karuizawa Nature Adventure Camp Advisor & Consultant Tsuyoshi “Yoshi” Domoto
Tsuyoshi “Yoshi” Domoto

Camp Advisor & Consultant

Yoshi was born in Sapporo but had an international upbringing, spending his childhood in Taiwan, Hong Kong (China) and South Korea until he left for the United States for University.

His passion for education was ignited in 2014 during the time when Yoshi worked for a non-profit in Honduras when he learned that his homestay sister had only four books at home. Because he believes quality education should be accessible to all, he crowdsourced a project that resulted in the establishment of the town’s first community library (e-libro project).

Yoshi has organized, managed and delivered successful summer camp programs in previous seasons in Tokyo, Nagano and Gunma prefectures as the Country Manager of a programming school for kids and also as the Director of an academic institution for international school students in Tokyo.

Yoshi currently works as an educational consultant where he advises and consults international schools, educational institutions and individual families who want to provide a quality education for their children. He holds a Masters of Education in Technology, Innovation and Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education (MA 2017).

Portrait of Tokyo Children's Garden Summer 2023: Karuizawa Nature Adventure Head Counselor Kai Chang
Kai Chang

Head Counselor

His fondest memories as a child were playing outdoors in the creek with friends, camping with the Cub Scouts of America, and being outside. We built makeshift rafts, explored the neighborhood, learnt about our environment, and dealt with the weather without adult supervision. His passion is to give that right to explore, play and be in nature back to the children in an educational setting. Realizing the need to for education in an outdoor environment Kai founded iForest - International Forest School in Tokyo.

In the pursuit to become a confident outdoor counselor Kai began seeking a profession in education in 2007. Starting with the U.S. Peace Corps to a MS in Early Childhood and Family Development from Missouri State University. He has worked in prominent international schools in Minato municipality and he is a board member at NPO Harmony International School, Fujisawa, Japan.

Kai is also a JBS (Japan Bushcraft School) certified advisor, is WFA (Wilderness First Aid) certified through Wilderness Medical Associates International, and will soon be a Level 3 Forest School Leader

About Tokyo Children's Garden

Tokyo Children’s Garden is an innovative, Reggio Emilia-inspired bilingual preschool nestled in the heart of Tokyo. We view children as capable learners and actively embrace their thoughts and ideas in our unique, nurturing environment.

At the start of the pandemic, we temporarily closed our Tokyo campus while seeking an alternative to online sessions. Believing young children need real-life experiences, we relocated to a scenic house in the woods of Kawaguchiko, surrounded by breathtaking views of Mt. Fuji, not knowing if any of our school families would follow us.

To our delight, most of our families joined us, resulting in a memorable summer of forest fun. Since then, we have regularly offered forest school experiences in Karuizawa and are thrilled to introduce our Nature Adventure camp to new families this summer.

This year, we're fortunate to have Kai Chang and Tsuyoshi "Yoshi" Domoto lead our Karuizawa Nature Adventure in picturesque Karuizawa. Our exciting program has engaging activities and outings to spark curiosity and inspire young minds. Campers will make new friends, explore nature, and learn new things, all against the stunning backdrop of Mt. Asama. There's no better way to spend the summer!

Students doing arts and crafts at Tokyo Children's Garden
iforest International School Japan students walking.

About iForest

iForest is an all outdoors nature school in and around Tokyo. It is inspired by the Danish forest school approach and believes that each child holds their own motivation to learn.  Learning in nature at an early age will help the children have a deeper appreciation and connection to our beautiful world. The freedom of learning from the outdoors stimulates physical, cognitive, linguistic, social and emotional and with the added health benefits.