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Frequently Asked Questions

What will my child do during Nature Exploration?
We will be based in Rising Field with some fields trips to other exciting nature destinations around Karuizawa. The whole day will be spent in nature no matter the weather condition. The child led curriculum will inspire the counselors to create provocations for the group. Some inspirations could be distinguishing leaves, trajectory of rocks, knot tying, stick play, circle of life, and many more.
What about the weather?
Weather is one of the most valuable teachers. We will follow the Japan Meteorological Agency when there is inclement weather we will cancel for the day.
Is there a curriculum?
Nature Exploration uses an emergent curriculum. We follow the children’s interest throughout the day with supplemental materials to enhance learning.
Is it dangerous?
The safety of the children is our first and utmost concern. We make sure to scout the area to mark out the hazards which the children do not have knowledge of. Part of learning self awareness for the children is finding out their threshold in order to be more risk-averse. Risky play and tool use are part of the life skills learning if they choose to participate.
What is the ratio of teachers to students?
Teacher to students ratio of 1:3-5 depending on age of children in the group.
What are the requirements?
We do require the child to be potty trained. They should also be able to carry and load a backpack for at least 15 mins. Proper layering/clothing for the day is a must.
What should we wear? Are there any "Must Haves"?

As you prepare for an unforgettable summer camp experience, it's crucial to dress appropriately for the weather.

Must Haves for TCG Summer Campers

  1. Long, breathable pants: Choose hiking pants or track pants over jeans to prevent scratches. (Example)
  2. Long sleeve breathable shirt: This will protect campers from the sun and insect bites.
  3. Breathable T-shirt with light jacket: Allows for layering and comfort. (Example)
  4. Close-toed shoes: These protect feet from branches, rocks, and insects.
  5. Hat: Provides additional sun protection.
  6. 500ml+ water bottle with a cup: Ensures campers stay hydrated. (Example)
  7. Complete set of spare clothes: In case of accidents or weather changes.
  8. Outdoor appropriate backpack: It should be comfortable for children to carry for long durations. (Example)

Recommendations for Choosing Outdoor Wear:

  • Consider buying a larger size jacket so it can be worn over winter clothes.
  • Encourage layering so children can easily regulate their body temperature.

Additional Gear Suggestions:

  • Rain pants: Look for pants that cover up to the chest with suspenders and have foot loops for a secure fit. (Example)
  • Boots: Opt for boots with handles on both sides for easy wear and removal. (Example)

Recommended Shop: For high-quality, sustainable, and affordable outdoor wear from Finland, visit

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